Blitz eBook Framework

Providing simple solutions to complex eBook issues

The Framework

We’ve build a solid bedrock for EPUB 3 but don’t worry, it is backwards-compatible with ePub 2 and Kindle Mobi. We believe it can be a complete solution to designing eBooks.

The Triforce of Apps

In addition to the framework, we’ve build 3 web apps to help you design outstanding eBooks. Best part of it? You can install them on your mobile device and use them offline.

The present and future of Blitz


CSS is a big part of the Reader Experience.

Our stylesheets can make it or break it, we should stop thinking of CSS authoring as “lay out and typeset.” Bad CSS can disable user settings, make some reading modes unusable, conflict with default styles, etc. And it’s not just about CSS, it’s about HTML (and soon JS) as well.

Blitz was designed to help authors provide a minimum enjoyable experience.


We do believe that, ideally, this framework and its companion web apps shouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, eBook production is tough and requires an awful amount of expertise to get around Reading Systems’ overrides and provide compliance with user settings.

The web has demonstrated that anyone has a role to play and that making knowledge + tools freely accessible benefits the ecosystem as a whole.

Progress is made when we strive for more, we must stand together and push for better eBooks. This is the reason why we decided to release Blitz under the MIT License.

RS Support

Currently, compatibility is provided but not limited to:


Here is our current to-do list:

Join us on Github if you’re willing to help.